There’s a saying that goes “stressed” spelt backwards is “desserts”, so if this article is about how to destress manpower at the workplace, can I say give them desserts? Well, that’s just one of the options. It’s easy to say that work and stress go hand-in-hand. After all, it isn’t just a walk in the park. Majority of those working claim their jobs to be the single source of stress in their lives and one more thing I’ve noticed is that we hardly are doing anything that we are passionate about. If a survey would be conducted on how many people is legit doing their dream job, I’m afraid the answer would hardly be half. Anyway, that apart, everyone has to earn for a living and to sustain their family and luxury (of course). So maybe, the organizations and firms should make sure that they do all that’s best in their part to ensure that their crew is destressed and relieved to work towards it goals.

Long working hours, intense demands and sometimes difficult bosses and co-workers can create a lot of pressure on the human resources and may lead them in to binge eating, drinking alcohol and smoking too. I know of few cases where the workers cannot remove their frustration at the workplace so they pour it on their innocent families, just worsening the situation causing family problems too. Therefore, employees need to understand that the stress on their staff is just going to lower productivity for them along with high turnover and absenteeism. Accordingly, what can be done to destress employees at the workplace?

  • Set an example – “Practice what you preach.” It usually noticed that the workforce of a company will always follow the footsteps of its boss. So technically if the boss arrives late, they too do the same in order to rebel. Similarly, managers need to set an example of how to destress along with running the firm. Avoid emotions to surface, prevent negativity and anger to rub off on the employees, go for a run, jazz to some music for a few minutes, these are some of the things that managers can do that will also motivate employees to follow them. The employers has to keep in mind that they show its subordinates on how to enjoy your work and at the same time perform it efficiently.
  • Socializing – There should always be time for the staff to meet with their co-workers and share about their stress, workload or simply a recent football match. The way we have a concept of group study where we all feel less anxious because we are sharing out the stress, in the same fashion team building and teamwork should be encouraged especially for a major project so that the burden is split between all and also that the co-workers would understand each other which is the essence of destressing. Another point to note is that the managers can design the offices in such a way the manpower’s workspace isn’t invaded and at the same time their peers are easily approachable such that they can take breaks and socialize with them.
  • ‘Chill out’ space – Google is an epitome in this point. It has a number of chill out spaces where the employees can go during their, say 15 minutes break. It is equipped with colorful, relaxing chairs and sofas, headphones, relaxing lighting where employees can go during their breaks and if their co-workers are too on their breaks then it can become a social spot, or if they wish they can just zone out and tune in to their headphones. Whatever it is, it definitely relaxes the employee such that they can continue the rest of their day peacefully. In fact, I would like to put in a personal idea with appeals me and would do so for the animal lovers. Some firms, if they wish can keep pets at their workplace so that during their free time the heavy petting can lighten them up.
  • Healthy snacks – Food is really a deciding factor of your stress level if you eat healthy at work it will not only make you feel good but even make you more productive and energetic for the whole day. Green snacks, with nuts and a balance of deserts too like mini brownies or strawberry tarts will perceptibly tempt the workforce and reward them for their hard work.
  • “Exercise” or “Extra fries” – Well, while the previous point deals with snacks and food, this point emphasizes that exercise is a good stress reliever. Making a gym space at the office, or a jogging track surrounded by greenery nearby the office area where workers can always go for a jog or just a round of cycling leaving them to their thoughts can prove to be helpful to them. Who might know lest they might come up with a fantastic idea during their jog!
  • Flexi time and remote working – While some firms would not want to adopt this, they can provide flexi time and remote working under special circumstances such as the worker has received his first child and yet has to finish an important project. Such conflicting situations can augment his worry unless he is proved remote working or flexi time in which he can balance between his two priorities.
  • ‘Me time’ – Meditation and yoga is another great option that not only mitigates stress at the workplace but also in general situations. It allows you to free yourself from thoughts and constant worries and resume back to your work with a much clear mind. Me-time can also consist of allowing the staff to plan ahead, take down mental notes of what is worrying them and how they should deal with it. This, furthermore, gives them an opportunity to avoid constant mails and phone calls for the few minutes that it lasts.
  • Get a massage – Just like we have exercise as an option, the gigantic companies that can afford should have a massage parlor for all the members of the company just to stretch it out and relax. This can also be accompanied by serene and calm music.


Penultimaltely, every company would have its own strategies to less the pressure on its manpower depending on its size, affordability and nature of work. For Google who requires creative ideas, it has taken a myriad of steps to destress employees so as to bring out the innovativeness. While some firms resort to careful and conformable design of the office with serene paintings and family photos, others resort to talking it out whereby the human resources share with their immediate supervisor or manager what is disturbing them and the managers help them deal with it. Eliminating workplace stress is clearly impractical, since there will always be times when employees need to stay late or face challenges. Nevertheless, establishing a procedure for recruits to get help with stress is the key but, as a manager, there is plenty you can do to destress your workforce.



Aira Kotecha

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