How to recruit employees for soft skill jobs !

How to recruit employees for soft skill jobs !

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There was a time when recruitment was totally dependent on one to one interviews and there were hardly any norms for assessment test, aptitude diagnostics or distance hiring.

The world has changed and now we can see many businesses hiring on the basis of online assessments and diagnostics. One such example is of hiring employees for soft skill jobs. The diagnostics have fast started becoming popular as they give better results and are a much easier and faster medium of hiring. Companies are now using tools like Human Resource probes, Aptitude analysis tests, soft skills assessments etc.

The best way to recruit in this day and age is to develop online assessment parameters like for hiring the right employee for soft skills the best way is to ascertain the logic which explain the work culture, orientation, description of what you wish the employee to do for your organization.

This would be divided into skill set requirements, Result orientation, Analytical Ability, initiative, Innovation and lastly the candidates interpersonal skills that your company expects in a candidate totally  parallel to the business requirements and flow mediums of your business.

Once you have developed an assessment paper on the basis of the above mediums then you can convert them into a questionnaire and allot marks to each question as per your priority. The above questionnaire can be uploaded / hosted onto your careers page of your company’s website where positions are linked to the respective questionnaires.

The questionnaire would need an assessment sheet which will be available with your HR to asses the capability of each candidate which would make it easier to recruit the right candidate with the required skills.

We also need to attach an HR probe sheet to asses the candidates Team membership, ability to work, human concerns, employment history which is usually not an objective type of questionnaire, thus all answers entered by candidates have to be assessed manually by realizing that what is the ind of energy is projected in his answers (Positive or Negative), does the candidate have the capability of energizing others around him with his good energies, we also need to understand that what is the edge element of the candidate if he/she can create an edge of their own in situations, t last we need to check the execution of tasks and orientation in the past assignments handled.

With the above automated methodology, assessing and recruiting the right candidates becomes fast, easy and effective.

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